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Coffeehouse Institute

Coffeehouse is the brainchild of a single user. The intention is to build a community of like minded creative people, with a place to:

  • Discuss subjects openly
  • Debate differences of opinion
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Share ideas, tips and potential work and projects
  • Control who contacts them
  • Control what people see
  • Know that the Moderators and Admin are here to help them

Being able to stay safe and control what others see, and how they are contacted, is at the core of the experience. Voice Actors; YouTubers; Streamers; Musicians; Animators; Videographers and people in any related fields are automatically admitted. While fans and friends are more than welcome to interact with our community by using a federated instance like Mastodon.Social.

The decision to keep membership low, by admitting only those in the field, was taken to encourage interaction between professionals and amateurs alike, with common goals and interests. We'd like to see our community helping eachother, while finding a place to call home.


Admission to Coffeehouse is on a case by case basis, or by invite. Each member is vetted to ensure they meet minimum criteria.

To be considered, a new member must:

  • Be a Creator (deliberately left open to interpretation)
  • Be able to provide public examples of your work
  • Understand that your privacy is in your own hands
  • Be respectful other members at all times
  • Understand that a difference of opinion is not always confrontation
  • A mature and understanding attitude

What/Who is a "Creator"?

The definition of "Creator" has been left vague intentionally, because there are so many kinds of creators out there.

A few examples of what a "Creator" might be:

  • A Musician; Singer; Composer; Audio Engineer; Sound Effects Artist
  • A YouTuber; Streamer; Video Editor; Camera Operator; VFX Artist
  • An Animator; Manga/Cartoon Artist; Set Designer
  • A Painter; Carpenter; Stone Mason; Civil Engineer
  • A Gamer; Computer Engineer; Developer; Administrator
  • A Seamstress; Costume Designer; Fashion Designer
  • A Comedian; News Anchor; Journalist; Photographer
  • Director; Producer; Writer; Novelist; Publisher...

The list is practically endless. The main reason for the ambiguity, is because everyone has the ability to create something. We find value in all creations, whether we agree with their goals and expressions, or not. If you can create something, then you are OUR definition of a "Creator", and we want you here.

Membership Rules

Failure to follow this list of basic rules may result in suspension, and the possible banning of your account:
  • Never Dox anyone - Report them to a Mod or Admin
  • Child sexual exploitation (including hand drawn) is strictly off limits, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Artistic representations (including Video; Audio; Photographs; Animation or Drawings) of Sexual/Violent content is allowed, but ONLY when marked NSFW
  • Audio that is artistic in nature, and contains colorful language (such as scripts; lyrics or auditions), is allowed, no marking required
  • No-one should be excluded based on identity; race; opinion; religion or affiliation (except in the case of acting roles - see exceptions below)
  • No direct uploaded copyrighted content, external links are acceptible


Due to the nature of our chosen field, there are some exceptions to these rules. These will be taken on a case by case basis, if it is reported. Because of how close our industry can get to crossing the line, we will always err on the side of the artist, not the controversy:
  • Scripts that contain controversial subjects
  • Voice; video and artwork containing controversial subjects
  • Gendered acting roles are an unavoidable necessity, please do not think that this is an attack on your personal rights
nb. we do not have the financial resources to fight any legal battles, please don't put us at risk.