@Twelve I also completely forgot about XMPP/Jabber. Support for encrypted voice, video and messages, federated and a ton of apps available cross platform. It used the XEP Jingle. Worth investigating 👍

@Twelve so the protocol you're looking for is SIPS (Session Initiation Protocol - Secure). Basically it's the original SIP protocol wrapped in TLS. Combined with a PBX like Asterisk or a VoIP provider, you can use "Soft Phones". For example I use GS Wave, but there are many mobile and desktop applications. Voice, Instant Messages and Video are supported on the protocol as well 👍

@Twelve I hear ya. I used it for a while, but the lack of file transfer killed it for me. Apparently they should have it done in the 1.3 release, but oh well. What about something simple like SIP? Can't it do E2E? I'm pretty sure you can trunk off most VoIP providers 😁

@Twelve I forgot to mention that if security is your prime focus and you're willing to give up videoconferencing, the Briar Project or Sessions might be good alternatives.

@Twelve I've heard good things about Zulip. Personally, if I wanted secure, I'd probably got with Nextcloud Talk or Jitsi Meet, self hosted behind something like OpenVPN. That said though, if SSL is enough security for you, then Nextcloud with 2fa, or Jisti Meet may be enough?

@GwenfarsGarden Here's a few to try: Sage; rosemary; basil; mint; thyme; cilantro, and tarragon. I use a mix of dried variants of these for use with savory baking and roasts. Maybe you'll find something amongst them that'll help? :)

@geekgonecrazy Maybe it comes down to use case? I know websockets is capable of two way communication with the browser, where SSE is only capable of pushing data, not receiving. But I have seriously limited knowledge on the subject. Maybe this might help point you in the right direction: stackoverflow.com/a/5326159

Tomorrow I hit the market. I'm going to try and talk some people into providing me with voice samples, as well as take some general environmental sounds. Need to get some Station IDs done, ready for broadcast. I'd love to get some interviews done as well. Who knows what will happen, but it will definitely be an experience 😁

@Kovaelin my wife uses her hair dryer, and somehow it makes magic flat hair. When I had long hair, as soon as I dried it, I used to tie it up in a ponytail. A little bit of hair wax can be helpful. 😁

@dredmorbius I had a good cackle at this. Thank goodness he wasn't using comic sans... 🤣

@pelagikat iirc, nextcloud was a fork of owncloud, a few of the founding developers and community were unhappy with the direction owncloud was being taken. For a while, nextcloud was binary compatible with owncloud, but had since diverged from the source in many ways. I would suggest that if you want commercial support, go with owncloud. If on the other hand you prefer to support a more open ethos, nextcloud is the better option. Personally, I run nextcloud.

@Nightingalle - Beautiful flowers! I love the rain, so refreshing!

Decorating your PC with RGB LEDs, is the equivalent of painting racing stripes on your Honda Accord.

If there's no engine tweaking under the hood, all you've got is all show, no go.

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