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Tomorrow I hit the market. I'm going to try and talk some people into providing me with voice samples, as well as take some general environmental sounds. Need to get some Station IDs done, ready for broadcast. I'd love to get some interviews done as well. Who knows what will happen, but it will definitely be an experience 😁

Decorating your PC with RGB LEDs, is the equivalent of painting racing stripes on your Honda Accord.

If there's no engine tweaking under the hood, all you've got is all show, no go.

The importance of bringing up the kidlets well.

In the immortal words of Karl Smallwood:

'All dogs go to ultraheaven, because all dogs are good dogs [sic]'

Guess what? I got chosen by Noel Edmonds to run my Regional Branch of ! Hell yeah! All completely and .


Whenever my wife uses the phrase “I’ve been thinking”

That means I either have to move, build, paint, or buy something.

@blueblemish - hi and welcome! Feel free to add anyone you like and post anything at all. You can post pictures, small videos or audio. Mention people just like Twitter, and send links. Great to have you here 😊

Researching which would be the best for doing interviews and capturing large crowds, without breaking the bank. So far, the H2n, and the H5n seem to be the possible options... Why am I always broke...

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